Sustainable Dreams

What is permaculture

As the world continues to change in so many negative ways, many of us are gaining a mind set on survival, and being more earth friendly. We want to learn how to live a natural life where we dont have to depend on multibillion dollar corporations that poison our world and rape our bank accounts.

"Simply put, permaculture is a design science that is rooted in the observation of nature. It’s a positive, solution-based way of thinking, using a practical set of ecological design principles and methods. Permaculture principles provide a way of thinking that enables people to provide for food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs."

My family currently rents our home.  The land we have to work with is very limited, but still a nice set up for a beautiful, edible garden space and a few chickens.

I have always desired a "live of the land" kind of life where we at the very least, could supplement our food costs with our own fruits, veggies, and animals. With that said, I absolutely cannot have larger or many animals in this rented space because of where its located and the fact that I do not own it. This makes my time here a good opportunity for learning the permaculture ropes before we move onto our own land when our youngest child goes off to college in 2 years.

I have posted my supplies needs on a couple of local websites, asking for the opportunity to gather supplies free of cost for cleaning up or disassembling in exchange for the sustainable project supplies. So far, I have been given a bunch of landscape timber and wire fencing. Everything in this rented space will have to be movable, so it will add an extra element to our initial project, but I am still excited for it all.