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Armadillos can be destructive

Armadillos, as cute as they are can destroy a lawn over night.

They eat ants and bugs in the ground. "Strong legs and huge front claws are used for digging, and long, sticky tongues for extracting ants and termites from their tunnels. In addition to bugs, armadillos eat small vertebrates, plants, and some fruit, as well as the occasional carrion meal." - National Geographic

I have never seen an armadillo until I moved to Alabama. They really are a unique little creature, and appear harmless because they are so cute and care free.

I sat out on the porch this night and heard this guy rustling around in the weeds, so I went in to get a flashlight and when I returned, he was right there in front of me. I walked down the steps right near him and he just went about his business with no care in the world. This is the very first time I ever seen one and I was in awe.

The next morning, the yard had holes everywhere. The critter must have been hungry because both front and back yards were littered with destructive little holes. My suggestion if you care about the holes...get rid of them either by live trap or other means because I hear they do no favors in gardens either!