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Video: How I beat aphid infestation in our organic cabbage plot

Who wants to pour chemicals in their gardens when there are natural ways to get rid of aphid and other pests? I don't, so I try really hard to do it all naturally and cost effective.

We had a terrible problem with aphid in our greenhouse that Chris built recently. They started devouring the spinach first and moved on to the cabbage where they really did a number.

If you know anything about aphids and fireants, you will know that aphids secrete a substance that is sweet to fire ants, and the ants move in to eat that sweet substance. Lady bugs will eat 60 aphids per hour, but the problem introducing ladybugs after the infestation gets that bad is that the ants will kill the ladybugs. The only thing left to do was to bait the fireants and work a bit harder trying to rid the cabbage of aphids.

Watch the video to see how simple it is if you are willing to put some extra effort into ridding your garden of aphid naturally!