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Brain Tanning Rabbit Hides vs. Alum Tanning Rabbit Hides

I am pretty new in the world of tanning hides, so I try it all out as I go. I am very pleased to say that rabbit hides are very easy to do using either of the methods mentioned here.

I tried out brain tanning on a deer hide first. Well, not me, but my boyfriend did and I assisted. It was both our first times. After seeing the mistakes we made with our first brain tanned hide, I knew I had learned enough to get it just a bit better. Instead of a deer hide though, I decided to use a rabbit hide in order to see if brain tanning would be better or worse than alum tanning which I have been doing already with the rabbit hides.

Ive concluded that for rabbit pelts, I prefer the cleaner alum tan, but now, I must wait until hunting season to be able to compare some buck skins the same way.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think by commenting below. Which method would you prefer?