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Breeding Rabbits: The pregnancy check

My education and work experience has given me a good hold on checking dairy cows for pregnancy, but where rabbits are concerned, until now, I had only seen others check for pregnancy. It sounds so simple to think you can just jump right in to it without mishaps and mistakes, but it may be more difficult than you are aware of to get a real feel for pregnancy checking rabbits.

My first pregnancy check on a rabbit was successful.
I questioned myself though. I wondered if maybe what I thought were kits in her belly were just larger pellets. Its very easy to make that mistake when you dont have the practice or the "feel" of it yet. 

Theres one window of opportunity that is safe to pregnancy check rabbits without risking injury to the fetuses. That window is two weeks after the breeding day. On day 14, the little marble sized kittens are difficult to feel, and can easily be mistaken with pellets in the rabbits bowels. When I checked, I thought I felt 2 kittens maybe the size of an olive or grape. At the time I was certain she was pregnant. 

As the next 20 days passed for the pregnancy, we watched the rabbit gain weight and mature a bit more, but it didnt seem as though her belly was really growing, so I began to doubt my posative pregnancy check. I was worried I wasted 30 days of breeding time on an assumption, and Chris even questioned whether we should breed her again. Luckily we didnt because she would have been pregnant twice over and had the second breed prematurely with the others. Yes, rabbits can get pregnant while they are pregnant!

I am proud to say, my positive pregnancy check was successful, and today, day 30, we have our first litter of kits, kittens, or bunnies...whichever term you prefer, WE HAVE BABIES!

Take a look at the video below as I pregnancy check our first bred.