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Feeding Meat Rabbits for Intense Breeding Programs

Feeding Meat Rabbits for Intense Breeding Programs

This past year, my rabbitry has grown tremendously, and I’ve actually minimized my herd recently, keeping only those that mean the most to my breeding program. I do not breed through the hot weather months anymore because I feel its too hard on them. I currently have 3 bucks and 10 does in my breeding program. Most are Rex but I have begun Flemish giant again.

How to boil farm fresh eggs for a clean and easy peel

Anyone that raises their own chickens for eggs knows how difficult it can be to peel those boiled eggs. Watch the video to see how you can boil your farm fresh eggs for the easy peel.

How to alum tan rabbit hides: Videos from start to finish

There's been alot of buzz online about alum tanning rabbit hides. I decided that since I've been alum tanning successfully that I would make some videos that explains how it's done.

Watch the 2 videos and get the written instructions.

A close look at wolves, warbles, botfly strike in animals

Watch this video of wolves or warbles in a squirrel. All of your animals have the potential to be infected by fly strike.

Real Rex Rabbit Fur pillows

As I raise my rabbits for meat, I try to breed them for specific patterns and colors because I don't let anything go to waste. I tan the hides and use them for beautiful, hand sewn projects such as pillows, blankets, scarves, hats, and gloves. I also preserve the feet and tails for charms and the ears for dog treats.  I waste nothing and these animals are cared for very well here at Sustainable-Dreams-Rabbitry.