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Swimming Pool DIY Brooder

Make an inexpensive, safe brooder for your hatch-lings with this cool DIY brooder.

I have this little Hova-bator incubator that I picked up from a friend very cheap. Its old, and its definitely had better days. I decided to hatch two eggs with my 9 year old grandson, and that's exactly what we did. We hand turned our two little eggs every four hours...even through the night. We hatched two chicks, and we kept them in a little cage inside the house.

Waiting for my husband to build me what I need around here is hard because he works a pretty labor intense full time gig of his own. He always has far too much to do on his weekends off already, so I try to do all I can without his help. I have gotten pretty good at it though.

I bought two swimming pools at Walmart for less than $7 each. I had a 2' x 10' roll of hardware cloth/wire, and I had this plastic type cardboard that I could cover  a portion of the wired walls for added shelter from heavy breezes.

There's really not much direction needed for this as you can see how its together in the video below. I simply drilled out two holes together along the circumference of the pool where the wire will be attached using either wire or zip ties to tie it all on.

Once the wire is secured to the pool, it is very strong, and can handle a considerable amount of weight. The second pool fits securely over the top to cover the brooder as in the video below. I dont like the second pool as cover, and I have omitted mine all together. I decided that Id cover with additional wire if needed to protect from animals and weather. The pool on top does keep the heat locked right in so it may be a bonus if you incubate in the colder months.

Watch this video and let me know what you think. I have many other brooder options and ideas in the works.