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Where do I start? I have been a stay at home mom for a long time...a homemaker. Our family income has always been on the lower end, ...

Inbox Dollars

We all want to earn extra cash. So why not do it the fun and easy way?

Inbox Dollars is not a qet rich quick gig by no means, but it does add up for very little work! It is one of my top picks where extra cash is concerned. If you have a website, its even better yet! InboxDollars has several ways that generate cash. I am not going to get into the areas I don't use. You may use every option of the many available, but I only use a few because of time constraints and other business ventures I work. Here is a general idea of why I love InboxDollars.


I can work here online on one screen, and InboxDollars TV option allows me to continuously play video after video automatically to earn. Now that's not saying you don't have to pay attention. At the same time, you can do other things and watch the automatic lists if you pay attention for the "are you there/watching?" prompts. I split my desktop to 2 screens so that I can work while watching!


Although I am not much of a gamer myself, there are times I am sitting out and have some time to download games and play which I do get credit for. Often times you only need to download the game and run it for a minute or two. Sometimes you actually have to complete levels in the games. It all depends, but the fact is that I can use my smart phone for all of it. I tend to focus more on games from my smart phone while I'm just sitting.

Paid Emails

Not all emails are actual paid emails. I don't personally sign up for offers usually unless it suits my interest. I do know many people that do though, and just cancel afterwards before any additional billing occurs. I simply get paid emails listed as paid emails and I ignore most of the surveys. Again, its all about how your own time and preferences are set. You may love the surveys. Paid emails are quick and easy. Open the email, read it, and click the pink confirm paid email button at the bottom. Look the page over and keep it open for at least 60 seconds.


Videos are my favorite way of all of these. I do videos usually by phone, using the InboxDollars app. I watch on my pc also, but its so convenient to use those extra minutes while you are out and about in an office waiting for an appointment or waiting to pick your kids up from school. Many are interactive videos you can play with...yes I'm easily entertained :) Although videos do not run automatically like TV does, they are short and usually always interesting, so why not? So there you have it. This is just the particular features InboxDollars has to earn money that I use. I take 1 of my first 3 hours awake to use the app and website to earn some. Its during coffee time and is just a good way to make sitting count for me. Are you ready to sign up? Its completely FREE and super easy to earn virtually as much as you'd like depending on your goals. For me, its a bit extra to apply toward my main business income. Get signed up now, and even download the app on your smart phone. You will get a $5 sign up bonus immediately too, so you have nothing to lose!

When to allow your ducklings to swim safely

When is it okay to let ducks out on ponds or deep water? That's a good question for those of us that are raising these water fowl for the first time.

Being newer to hatching, and raising my own birds from the start, I had to do quite a bit of research even though we had ducks while I grew up. I didn't know much in detail beyond feeding like yard birds, and collecting eggs. We didn't even have a swimming source for the ducks while I was growing up, so my learning process to keep them safe and healthy has really begun more recently.

A friend of mine gave me some duck and chicken eggs to hatch. I had just a hovabator with a mercury thermometer in the bottom, and I hand turned the eggs 4 to 5 times a day faithfully...even through the nights. 5 healthy ducklings hatched with 6 chicks. 

Those same chicks hatched with the ducks are all feathered out, but tiny compared to the ducks. Ya see, while they grow, ducks put their energy into size, and growing larger whereas chicks spend their energy on feathering out before growth. It's truly fun and interesting to visually witness the differences in raising these 2 types of birds together.

The answer as to when it is okay to release your young ducks into a pond or deep water source is pretty straight forward once you learn the way the ducks feather out.

Ducks have hollow bones, and interlocking feathers kind of like shingles on a roof. I believe they also have hollow feathers that help them float. Ducks have a gland that secrete oil to better waterproof them. Here is a good read on waterfowl feathers that I recommend. 

Allowing your ducklings to swim in a shallow pan or pool when they are little is good, but they should never be left unattended because they will get water logged and drown if left too long. As they grow, and develop their feathers, you can allow both more supervised time and deeper water in the pool.

At 7 - 8 weeks, these ducks are big and finally feathered out and oiled up enough to swim on their own. Watch the video below of their first trip to the pond.

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