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Where do I start? I have been a stay at home mom for a long time...a homemaker. Our family income has always been on the lower end, ...


Here at Sustainable Dreams Homestead, in Slocomb, Alabama, I raise rabbits among other animals for various purposes.

I raise meat rabbits as well as pedigreed, potential show quality rabbits. My pedigreed stock at this time are all Flemish Giants. I also have beautiful Rex rabbits. The following pictures will offer a general idea of our rabbits. My pictures are taken on the fly and may never look professional, but they also give you a look at interaction with them.

Please scroll down to see my rabbitry photos and availability. This page will be continuously updated as changes occur.


Pedigreed Flemish Giants (Fawn, sandy, and light grey) 

Better pics coming soon.

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